A healthy body makes a healthy mind and a happy person!


Start investing in the health of your staff and show them how much you care for their well being and health.  A simple and cost effective plan is to implement a fruit scheme for your employees, where each individual gets free fruit packs on a weekly or monthly basis.  Such type of ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ plans have been introduced in other countries as well as a number of companies locally, and they are well received by the staff.  You will be surprised by the positive impact this has on your staff morale and performance.  A small initiative like this makes staff feels valued and appreciated.  And of course, being healthy and happy increases staff efficiency and improve performance at work.

Fruit Packs – Mixed & Match

Pick and choose, mix and match…


With an assortment of fruits to select from, healthy fruits day will never be boring again.  The pack can be based on your preference; for example, three fruits in a pack with a fixed item such as apple.  Alternatively, our consultant could help you with the planning and work within your budgets.

Staff who would like to bring fresh fruits home can also consolidate their orders, and we can provide delivery at the same time. Our consultant can make recommendations based on the latest fruits in season.

Give our friendly consultant a call to allow us to share our experiences in
delivery of fruits to companies / offices, and how we can customize a package
that fits your requirements.

**Minimum order for delivery is SGD 150, per trip (one location only).  Free delivery for orders above SGD 200, otherwise a delivery charge of SGD 20 applies.


Frequently Asked Questions

It would be great if you have the below details ready before you call us:
- The number of staff that you need to distribute to
- The frequency of the distribution (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly)
- The allocated budget
Based on your budget and the availability of fruits, our Consultant would usually recommend the fruits for your delivery.
Alternatively, the selection can be customized according to your preferences.
Below are some fruits packages for your reference:
Pick & Choose, Mix& Match:
Fruits @ $0.50 per piece
- Red Apple
- Green Apple
- Yellow Pear
- Green Pear
- Banana
- Green Kiwi
- Plum
- Orange
- Mandarin Orange
Fruits @ $1.00 per piece
- Dragon Fruit
- Golden Pear
- Seedless Guava
- Nectarine
- Grapefruit
Fruits @ $1.50 per piece
- Persimmon
Fruits @ $2.00 per pack
- Seedless grapes
- Golden Kiwi
- Avocado
- Mango
- Blueberry @ $4.00 per pack
- Strawberry @ $5.00 per pack
- Raspberry @ $8.00 per pack
- Blackberry @ $7.00 per pack
- Pomelo @ $4.00 per piece
- Pomegranate @ $4.00 per piece
- Rock melon @ $6.00 per piece
The minimum order for delivery is $150, per trip to a single location.
A delivery charge of $20 applies to orders below $200.
We will only deliver the required number of fruits packs to a single drop off point. Any sorting or distribution of the fruits would need to be coordinated, and done on your end.
Orders need to be placed 5 days in advance of delivery date.
Payment can be made via cash or cheque, upon delivery.
For schools and statutory boards, the payment can be made through e-invoice
Delivery will be made between 11am to 5pm.
Please fill in the below enquiry form with the necessary details, and our Consultant will contact you within the next few working days. For urgent assistance, please CALL US @ 8108 8108 / 6774 8108
Once the order has been confirmed, we will fax or email a copy of the invoice for your company to process the payment prior to delivery. The original invoice will be presented upon delivery.